Education Resource Links

USGS Water Resources for Students and Teachers and Water Science for Schools

Trout in the Classroom (Trout Unlimited) Brings hands-on activities to life!

Water Watch (USGS) Map of real-time streamflow compares to historical streamflow for the day of the year (Montana).

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks - School programs and other educational information for youth.  School programs and other educational information for teachers.

Sun River Adopt a Fish
The Sun River Adopt-A-Fish program investigates how agricultural demands for water affect a river system and how fish survive in a heavily used river. Visitors to this website will be able to track the movements of fish, implanted with radio transmitters. School groups will find out how to adopt a fish and ask questions of fisheries biologists. We hope the results of this project will help us find ways to improve the fishery of the Sun River while maintaining a healthy agricultural economy.

Missouri River Adopt a Fish
Missouri River Adopt-A-Fish allows school classrooms and others to follow radio-implanted fish on the Missouri River of Montana and North Dakota, between Fort Peck Dam and the headwaters of Lake Sakakawea.

EPA Water Educational Information sites that contain lesson plans or projects. Information aimed at educators.

EPA General Water Information 

Groundwater Education

Groundwater is the water that soaks into the ground and fills up the spaces between particles of rock, sand, and soil. This water saturated area is called an aquifer. In most aquifers you just have a lot of soggy rocks, sand and soil. But in some places, depending on the type of rock, the aquifer could include water-filled caves or even flowing streams.

Use the groundwater flow model for a hands-on demo.
Visit the Groundwater Foundation's kids corner for explanations, animations and videos.


Maps of US rivers in black line form for tracing and other maps from Enchanted Learning.

Water Cycle

A water cycle story from the USGS. 
EPA water cycle animation

Although this website is all about water filters, one page is dedicated to links about the water cycle

Water Use

Water facts and trivia - from Lenntech Water Treatment and Purification.
Water Use statistics - from American Water Works Association.


Ducks Unlimited - information on wetlands functions and on-line teacher activities.

Ducks Unlimited site for kids - Greenwings.