stimulating innovative water-related research

Each year, faculty from across Montana's University System are provided expertise and financial support by the Montana Water Center. Approximately $40,000 of funding is awarded to faculty members on a competitive and annual basis. These funds are used to help conserve, understand, and communicate the importance of our state's water resources. Please read below to learn more about current faculty researchers and their projects. 



In the past, the Montana Water Center and research affiliates have investigated and completed research projects on whirling disease, native fish habitat, river and stream geomorphology, and water contaminants monitoring along the Yellowstone River. 

In the future, the Montana Water Center aims to leverage water outreach and research opportunities by addressing critical water resource issues including:

  • Community preparation for drought, flooding, and extreme weather events

  • Studying the effects of oil and natural gas exploration and transport on river water sources

  • Empowering water leaders and stakeholders though annual training events